Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Technological Ramblings- Episode 6: "7 Eight 9"

Technological Ramblings has hosts Xeon Gutierrez of IctuateAnomaly, and Sebastian Benjamin of Wall of Intellectual Nonsense, discussing various topics in the realm of technology.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nova Recorder live on Windows Phone App Store

My new app Nova Recorder is now live on the Windows Phone Store. This is the second application Kerinova has published, after Nova Time, which is also on the Windows Phone Store.


What is Nova Recorder?
It is a sound recorder app. Are you surprised? I hope not.

Nova Recorder is designed from the ground up for the Windows Phone platform, and features a simple, flat, modern User Interface using the Metro design language.

Nova Recorder records high quality, stereo, dual channel, 44100hz audio, and is integrated with the Music+Videos hub.

Nova Recorder also features in-app  audio playback.

OneDrive saving support, and a Live Tile will arrive in the next major update, slated to be v1.1.

Download Nova Recorder completely free on the Windows Phone Store: