This is a post containing all of my games for the various game jams I entered, or even ones I just proto-typed and decided to release.


Daylight Windows:
Current build: 1.0.0

Ludum Dare 27 Warm Up Weekend:

Current build: 1.0.1

Ascension.installer Windows:
Current build: 1.0.1

Ascension Windows Phone 7.x:
Current build: 1.0.1

Ludum Dare 27:

Direct Interval Windows:
Current build: 1.0.4

Direct Interval Windows Phone 7.x:
Current build: 1.0.4

Mini Ludum Dare 48:

Death Plot.exe Windows:
Current build:

Death Plot.installer Windows:
Current build:

footer note:
ESCONET is going to be the ictuateAnomaly network name. You are free to speculate what ESCO stands for.

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