Monday, May 12, 2014

Technological Ramblings Podcast- Episode 1: "Pilot"

Technological Ramblings has hosts Xeon Gutierrez of IctuateAnomaly, and Sebastian Benjamin of Wall of Intellectual Nonsense, discussing various topics in the realm of technology.
In the premier episode, Xeon and Sebastian discuss: frivolous lawsuits, Chrome OS, the state of the smartphone ecosystem, Windows Phone end of support, engage in an hour long heated debate about Windows Phone/iOS VS Android, and finish off talking about our plans for Project: Saxon.


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Tip of the Week: DirectXTK-

Programming Topic of the Week: Windows Phone/iOS vs Android-

The Programming topic of the Week for this episode culminated in an “epic” one hour debate between Xeon and Sebastian about the merits of developing for Windows Phone and iOS vs Android.

Tech Topic of the Week: Oracle Vs Google- Copyrightable APIs-

Xeon and Sebastian discuss the Oracle Vs Google case, and whether or not API’s should be copyrightable.

Second Tech Topic of the Week: Peachyprinter 100$ 3D Printer-


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