Saturday, June 21, 2014

How To: Backup, Reset, and Restore Data on Windows Phone 8.1

I recently had to factory reset my HTC 8X due to an issue that popped up over the last three months.
Luckily my phone was running Windows Phone 8.1, which made resetting and restoring my data easy.
There are a few steps that need to be taken before resetting in order to properly backup and restore your phones data, apps, settings, and more:

1)    STEP 1: Move all sensitive data (pictures, music, ringtones, documents) elsewhere, or to OneDrive

I had a few photos, and one ringtone that I needed to backup, so I uploaded them to OneDrive to download when I finish resetting my device!

2)    STEP 2: Go to Settings-Backup and Backup Apps+Settings

The next step is to go to the Backup category under settings, and select Backup Apps+Settings and then “Backup Now”, if you haven’t already. This saves browser favorites, your start screen layout, passwords, most settings, some high scores, notes, and some app settings to the cloud.
3)    STEP 3: Sync Your Settings! Settings-Sync my settings
Next, you should sync your settings like theme color, app settings, and Internet Explorer settings. Bonus: In addition to syncing your settings across phones, this syncs the listed settings across Windows 8.1 computers and tablets as well.
4)    STEP 4: Backup your text messages, and then wait ~24 hours
If you want to back up your text messages, then go back to ‘Backup’ in ‘Settings’ and select to backup text messages. You should probably wait a good 24 hours after doing this, just to make sure it properly saves your text messages.
5)    STEP 5: Go to Settings-About and click the “Reset Your Phone” button
It will prompt you two times asking if you are REALLY REALLY REALLY POSITIVLEY SURE that you want to go through with the reset.
6)    STEP 6: Wait
It took my phone about 7 minutes for the reset gear screen (picture in header) to complete.
7)    STEP 7: Sign in with your Microsoft Account you used previously
Immediately after the reset the phone will drop you into the out of box set up phone sequence. When you get to the part about signing in with a Microsoft Account, make sure to sign in with the one you used previously, before the reset.
8)    STEP 8: Select to restore the phone with the previous data

   After you are done signing in with your Microsoft Account, the option to choose whether to restore your previous data, or to start fresh, will present itself. You know what to pick here, I hope.

     After the restoration process is complete, you will be at your start screen, which will be laid out exactly as it was prior to the reset, and your old applications will begin reinstalling.


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