Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dell Venue 8 3830 Bugs & Issues

I am currently using a Dell Venue 8 3830 as my main tablet, and it is a fairly decent tablet, running stock Android 4.4.2, BUT there are 3 bugs that are really irritating me.

1) Settings->Home crashes settings
This option was working fine when I got the tablet, but after I installed a few apps, Settings->Home crashed the settings app. So, I cant mess with those settings anymore.

2) After reboot the screen won't time out until it is unlocked
This is a minor issue, but still a rather annoying one in a consumer build of software: after I reboot, the screen does not time out and turn off, until I unlock the tablet for the first time after reboot.

3) SD cards don't work
This is a massive issue with the tablet, and one that really diminishes the use-cases for it. The SD card is completely unreliable. After about 30 minutes, the tablet will fail to recognize the SD card and demand a format. This condition persists through reboot, so this means that after a brief period of time, the tablet will need to wipe all the data on the SD. Which makes the SD card moot. This means that I am unable to effectively watch movies and music on this tablet, or store any data onto that storage.

These issues run the gamut from minor to game-breaking, but the one thing they have in common is that they SHOULD NOT be in a consumer tablet. Bear in mind that this tablet originated as Android 4.2.2. It has been updated to 4.4 and has these issues.

If they are not fixed in a future update, which Dell is not commenting on, then I think I will have to advise people to stay away from Dell tablets for a while. Which sucks because the upcoming 2K Dell Venue looks very cool.

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