Friday, February 20, 2015

Issues with CyanogenMod 11S on the OnePlus

I recently purchased a new OnePlus One to use as my daily phone. Prior to this, I had been using a HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8.1.1, which I acquired in November 2012. Essentially, an eternity ago in the tech world. The OnePlus One runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat (CyanogenMod 11S), meaning that I now have a chance to use Android on my phone. While I do enjoy the Android experience for the most part, there are a few issues with it so far.

First, and relatively minor, is that there doesn't seem to be a way to set a data cap on the phone. On Windows Phone, this was achievable through the bundled Data Sense app. Using that app, I set a limit of 2.5 GB, so my speeds will not be throttled. On CM11S Android, there is no way to do this.

Another slightly bigger issue is that there is no way to disable the camera shutter sound. This means that every time I use the camera, I need to remember to mute the phone, and then unmute it when I am finished. This is ridiculous, and extremely annoying. For all the settings that CM11S has, it is ludicrous that there is no disable shutter sound setting. Indeed, the only way to actually fix this, is to root the device, and delete the audio files.

The lock screen functionality of CM11 is far more limited than the Windows Phone functionality, even with lock screen widgets. On this device, only one widget can be displayed on the lock screen at once.
On my Windows Phone, I would have notification icons, the text of my latest message, the time, date, and weather on my lock screen. Even with all these elements, the lock screen remained clean and simple.
On my OnePlus, I have the clock and... that's all that fits.

The contacts organization on stock Android/CM11 is very primitive and cluttered. On my Windows Phone, there is the notion of linking contacts. This means that I can have one contact on my phone containing Skype, Facebook, and Hotmail account details. On my OnePlus, these are all separate (and Facebook is not even included). With this system, I end up with between 2-6(!) of the same contact. That makes no sense, and is very difficult to navigate for a PHONE.

See the granular app notification settings

The last really irritating issue with my Android phone, is that there is no page with universal access to app notification settings.
The only way to mute certain apps and not others, is to go into each app's individual settings, and hope that there are granular notification options!
On Windows Phone, it was possible to go to a settings page, and access banners, sounds, and vibration settings for EVERY APP.
On Android, this just is not possible.
This issue really affects me, because my prior setup involved muting every notification, except for texts and calls.
Now, my phone rings for every little e-mail, Google + post, SnapChat, etc.

While overall I love my OnePlus One, and Android, issues still remain. I do hope that some, if not all, of these are remedied when the OPO gets Lollipop. I do hope that is soon.

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