Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twitter: Content

Time for a shameless plug, albeit for a semi-decent reason!

As you may or may not know, I have a Twitter. My Twitter is going to be almost like a companion site to this blog. It will be a rather good idea to follow me there.
On my Twitter:
1)I will post links to every post I make on this blog. It's like an easier to use RSS feed!
2)I will also post short format microblogs on my Twitter. These microblogs will be blogs about minor things that I can express in a few sets of 140 characters. Posts that don't warrant a post, due to their minimal size.
3) I'll also get to post microblogs more often than I can post these full sized blogs, due to me being able to tweet via SMS on my phone. Blogging through my phone is not an ideal experience.

My Twitter is also a great place to get my short formed immediate thoughts following breaking news.

Anyway: My Twitter is: www.twitter.com/kerinova_xeon

You can click this HTML follow button.

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