Friday, February 28, 2014

Developer Log: You cant bool hack your way out of this one

For those who don't follow my Twitter (you really should ;), I have been having issues with the various screens on Project: AA since the beginning of time.

Originally, I had an issue where when the "Go to Menu" button was pressed from the Pause Screen, it would take the user to the Game Screen instead. To fix this issue I hacked in a Boolean that basically made it so if it was the users first time going to the pause screen, it would take the user to the Menu Screen from the Game Screen.

I wish that was the only issue I had with the menu screens.

Today I fixed an issue where the Menu Screen's music wouldn't play when the user went to the Menu Screen from the Pause Screen. The reason? It turns out that I need to have the following sequence:
in the Boolean Check in the Update Method which I mentioned earlier. This really annoys me, because it now means that I have to maintain three different versions of the same MediaPlayer code.

Anyway, now I only have to add the menu keyboard support in the pause menu, test the menu some more, and test and fix the various inconsistencies with the menu.

The thing that is really bugging me however (hahahaha puns) is that I have no idea why these menu inconsistencies, including the weird taking the user to the wrong screen ONLY ON THE FIRST TIME are occurring. I only know that I have to work around them.

I just worry I will get to a point that I cant bool hack my way out of.

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