Friday, February 28, 2014

Two Minutes Hate- The Android Emulator is SO SLOW

I do not know if anyone else is having this issue, but the Android Emulator, at least on my PC, is ridiculously slow, and of very bad quality.

I want to began my rant on the Android Emulator, but first I have to wait for it to actually load, so I can get my pictures! I am actually going to time the booting time in the Android 4.3 emulator, because this is actually ludicrous.

We are 180 seconds in to loading the Android Emulator, and we have a glitch status bar, but no actual screen.

Finally, about 290 seconds in, and the Android Emulator has finally booted...

      Into this.
I think I've seen better UI's in the DOS days.
Yeah. Saying the Android Emulator's interface is poorly designed would be too nice. This is without getting into the issue of application and deployment performance on the emulator, which is ABYSMAL. For the sake of sanity, I will not get into that rant.
It could just be my computer that is causing these problems with the Android Emulator. I will leave that option open. My computer does contain an i7 Core Extreme Edition, and 12 GB RAM, as well as a fairly high end video card however, so the problem would have to be a bug, if it is indeed a problem on my end.