Monday, August 4, 2014

Devlog: Communal: Creating a means of creation

                Today, August 3rd, I began a new project, as I have a tendency to do. The idea for this project sprouted from May, during one of my and Sebastian’s brainstorming walks. We built on my earlier idea of creating an educational programming tool, and decided to make a programming language with the syntax of the English language. It would be open source, interpreted, and accessible to everyone on every device.

The project’s name is: Communal.

                Today I implemented basic support for what would in C# be WriteLine, got some rudimentary voice control support on Windows, and began work on variables. Considering this will soon become an Open Source project, (Licensed under the GPL v3) I am going to be more open with early development, and will release an interactive demo of the product very soon. How soon? As soon as I have integer variables working.

                There is so much I want to say about this project. I have a lot of neat features planned that I will reveal at a later date.

                The repo can eventually be found at:

                You can find out more about Communal at:


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