Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Technological Ramblings- Episode 4: "GUI-Land"

Technological Ramblings has hosts Xeon Gutierrez of IctuateAnomaly, and Sebastian Benjamin of Wall of Intellectual Nonsense, discussing various topics in the realm of technology.

In the fourth episode, Xeon and Sebastian discuss: Ubuntu, Xeon switching to Android, HTC 8X and Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Game Jam's, Open Source, and the Intel XDK.

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Tech Topic of the Week: Android and Open Source-
Me and Sebastian discuss Android, Ubuntu, and the Open Source community.

Tip of the Week: Intel XDK-
The Intel XDK has been updated with Apache Cordova support. Intel XDK is a highly recommended IDE for HTML5/JavaScript/CSS development.  

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