Friday, February 14, 2014

Changing the system around a bug

So, I was having an interesting (to say the least) bug in Project: AA today.

The bug was this: When in the game screen, when 'Escape' is pressed, and when the mouse cursor is over where the 'resume' button is going to be in the pause screen, the pause menu wouldn't open.
It opened when the mouse cursor was anywhere else. If it was over where the buttons would be drawn however, it doesn't open.

I spent about 3 hours on this bug, sadly enough, trying various fixes, but they were all either too CPU intensive, or they didn't work very well.

After three hours, I finally decided that I would just change the mouse position to the middle of the screen, not over any button, when the pause menu is opened.

This is an example of changing the system, rather than the bug in the game.

If I figure out a better fix, I will obviously implement it, but for now I will use this.

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