Sunday, March 23, 2014

App Development Liveblog: Project Futana (3/23/14)

The Liveblog is a live blog of my work. I re-publish every time I add something, so keep checking back.

The Liveblog will begin at about 12:30 PM PST.

[12:06] This didn't work very well yesterday, so let us hope that today is better in terms of actually writing to the liveblog. I will be programming Project: Futana from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM, with a one hour break at 3:30. Not as much as yesterday's 12 hours, but I should still get a lot done.

[12:23] I am seriously considering using to video stream in addition to the liveblog. However I still have bad memories of Log Me In's other product: Hamachi.

[12:30] I made a minor redesign of the app yesterday, so I removed the application bar from the Home Screen

[12:39] I am having a really interesting bug. I copied my Application bar to the second pivot page instead of the first menu page, and the application bar stopped showing up.

[12:51] I am just going to call it from the first screen, but disable it on only the first screen.

[1:05] I understand the issue. The problem is with the way I am handling navigating from the menu to the application page. The issue now is that if I 'fix' the way I change screens, I will have to edit the backstack, (to make it so the user cant back button back to the home screen) which I am pretty sure isn't allowed by the design language.

[1:11] Ok, I fixed the issue. I am going to fix the backstack issue later, but for right now I am going to make the application bar only show the + button while its in the countdown pivot page.

[2:01] I went to eat. I am back, and I am having an issue with removing the Application Bar Buttons and re-adding them. My code currently looks likes this:

The issue is that I cant actually add b because it technically already exits in the list.

[2:35] I fixed the issue. It was rather complicated due to arrays being 0 based, but my current code looks like this now:
The new code
Basically what I did was I first removed the settings button, then I added the + button and then after it I added the settings button that I just removed, so that they would always be in the right order.

[3:17] It is almost time for my break. Since last entry, I tried and failed to circumvent the design language problem with overriding the back button.

[4:19] In addition to the previous issue, I am also having a problem with the timer. I think to fix it I would have to make the timer start with a value, but that seems like a Band-Aid fix. I'm going to stop programming for now and think about the issue.

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