Monday, March 3, 2014

Two Minutes Hate- "Programmers"

I tend to have to deal with these people a lot, and they seriously annoy me. I am talking about the "Programmers".
The difference between a "Programmer" and a Programmer, is that a programmer actually knows and wants to learn what code does, whereas a "Programmer" just wants the "magic command that makes the computer do this". Some "Programmers" aspire to become actual programmers, and some do succeed, if they have enough drive. However then, there are the "Programmers" who never bother to learn, and go through their programming career just wanting the magic incantation, without ever learning how to program anything.

That on its own really annoys me, but the thing that annoys me even more about these people, is that they easily achieve high GPA's through college, and then eventually get jobs.

People without any idea how to actually program besides the syntactical elements  are getting jobs, and people who actually know how to program really well, aren't getting jobs due to a "paucity of years of experience" or some other nonsense.

That REALLY chagrins me to no end.

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