Sunday, January 5, 2014

Visual Studio 2013 and it's dropping support of WP7

Alternative title for this post: How I Spent 4 Hours Installing Windows Phone SDK's.

So, I just got Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 today. Microsoft is moving towards a yearly model with their operating system releases. It is starting to seem like they will release a yearly Visual Studio to coincide with their operating system updates. This means that to stay up to date with target Windows platforms, you need to update your Visual Studio every year. I think this because they moved purchasing Visual Studio to be a part of the annual MSDN subscription.
So, I decided to finally get Visual Studio 2013, because they made the Windows Phone GDR3 SDK for it, and I realized that I may as well upgrade now, and get it over with.

I installed Visual Studio 2013, and uninstalled Visual Studio 2012. I installed the latest MonoGame nightly so I can have the 2013 templates, and I installed the Windows Phone GDR3 SDK. Then I started playing with Visual Studio Online for a while (Later blog post). I went to test my current projects on the GDR3 1080p emulator, and it wouldn't load. I didn't have the Windows Phone SDK it said. This is weird, because I had it from VS2012 still. After troubleshooting this for 45 minutes, I learned that you need to install the Windows Phone SDK as part of Visual Studio 2013 now. The  same SDK, but in a different .exe, wouldn't work. So, I installed the Windows Phone SDK. I tested my project, and..... There was an error.

Windows Phone 7 support was removed in Visual Studio 2013. I understand why Microsoft would do this. They want people to stop developing apps for Windows Phone 7.x, so people can stop using it, and move over, hopefully, to Windows Phone 8. As a developer though, I do not want to drop support for WP7 just yet. WP7, according to AdDuplex, still has a 21.7% share. By the middle of 2014, I expect to drop WP7 support, in favor of 8.1 and 8.

So, there was an error due to that. I had to downgrade my VS12 WP7 project to VS10. I did that, made the necessary changes, especially to the Inneractive Ads, and.... I couldn't target Windows Phone 7.8.

Once again, I had to install the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK, even though I already had it, in order to make it work. Finally my Windows Phone 7.x projects were working.

I went to test my Windows Phone 8 projects on Visual Studio 2013 after that, and they wouldn't run. It turns out I needed to delete  AppData/Microsoft/PhoneTools/11. Once I did that however, it began working. Now with the current project I am targeting: Windows Phone 7.x, Windows Phone 8.x, Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows 8.1. The reason I am targeting Windows 8, is because according to Net Market Share, Windows 8 actually has a higher market share than 8.1.

Long story short, after about 4 hours, I finally fixed everything, and have all my projects, and Visual Studio Online, working.
From NetMarketShare

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