Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project Spark, Ludum Dare, A Week In Preview 1/5-1/11

I am in the Project Spark Windows 8.1 beta, and it doesn't have an NDA. I have played for about an hour as soon as I got home, and the game is absolutely amazing. It is rather buggy, but that is to be expected seeing as it is in early beta.
For those of you who don't know
Someone in the community made a 2.5D platformer

For those of you who don't know, Project Spark is a spiritual successor to Kodu, which is available for free. Try it if you want a general idea of what Project Spark is. It is a game where you can create games. It is like a gamified game engine. It makes creating games a game. You can program, and sculpt 3D and 2D worlds in it.

The point is, I will be blogging, live streaming, and making videos of Project Spark, so get ready for those. I'll be playing community games, and I will be creating games. That will be in addition to Starbound and programming streams and videos.

My world after about 15 minutes.
During midweek, I have lots of school work to do, so that will be busy. I will however be trying Project Sienna, and I will probably blog a little bit about it. I also am getting Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, to upgrade 2012. So, a lot of my time will be transitioning IDE's as well.
I have a bit of Xbox gaming to catch up on too.

At the end of the week, I will be participating in the 48th Mini Ludum Dare. I am going to be live streaming my programming it for it most likely. I will program in C# using MonoGame for this Ludum Dare. The theme as of the time of writing is unannounced, but there is a high probability that it will be demakes.
In any event, I will be posting daily blogs of my progress, and many tweets per hour on my Twitter. I no not if Sebastian will be participating, but it would be cool if he were, I want some inter-team competition in a Ludum Dare. Potential streams of me playing community games.

I will be getting Starbound on January 13, next week, because that is when I have time to play it. I have played a bit before, on other peoples computers. I will do a hands on when I get it, seeing as I need it to take screenshots.

So, that's my week.
  • Project Spark Video/Blog/Streams
  • Starbound content as early as next week
  • Upgrading Visual Studio
  • Going to try Project Sienna
  • Busy week personally
  • Ludum Dare- Will stream tweet and blog
  • Might stream LD community games, possibly marathon.

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