Saturday, January 18, 2014

Death Plot Patch Notes

I just released and uploaded version v1.0.1.330 of Death Plot, which is an ESCONET-Kerinova game. It is a fairly major bug fix patch.

Release Notes:

  • Added input for WP7- untested
  • Implemented Ship 2 as a laser ship.
  • Made all textures smaller by 2 times.
    • This makes the play area larger, as well as makes the textures look sharper
        • It also seemed to fix an issue with Enemies, at least for the short-term

  • Fixed Enemy Spawning underneath menu's
  • Fixed Score starting before the game starts
  • Fixed bullets not killing all enemies for Player 1, Possibly Player 2
  • Implemented Enemy Y axis bounding
  • Changed bullet balance and speed